“Skins plan multiple meetings with Griffin, Luck.

Over at PFT today, Mike Florio is reporting this little burgundy and gold nugget:  “It’s now known that the Redskins plan multiple weekly on-campus meetings with Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III between now and the draft. PFT also has confirmed that the Redskins plan to do the same thing with Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.”

OMG. Could it be happening again?  Could it now be that the Redskins executive branch will find some previously unthought of way of screwing the Washington fan base’s collective sweet dream of a real, true NFL franchise quarterback? Is this some sort of karmic- rebound-self-fulfilling prophecy, bad juju-that always-happens-to-the-poor-Redskins? How long until the it’s-all-Snyder’s fault-army is out patrolling the blogosphere? They’ll be screaming like Godzilla.

Whatever it is, it sure makes me nervous.  According to Florio,  the purpose of these meetings boils down to this: to distract Irsay long enough so he doesn’t take his eye off the ball and draft the wrong guy.

Luck doesn’t have time for this. Neither does Griffin. Nobody does. Can’t someone who matters just talk some sense into Irsay, so everyone can move on meaningfully?


About ImproperRedskin

I grew up watching the Redskins with my dad. I feel I've always been a part of Redskins Nation. I'm so excited about the direction the team is taking now. I feel somewhat exiled in terms of the skins living in Boston, even though I know there are other fans here. That's pretty much why I started doing this, to touch base with other Redskins fans across the country. There's always something to talk about with the Redskins, isn't there? I want to hear your voice.
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