Kurt Warner is a big fat idiot, the ImproperRedskin Rush Limbaugh Award

By Mark Pierce

The old, cool Kurt

The motivational speaker. Not pictured, a van down by the river.

First he makes a big deal on NFLN about not wanting his kids to play football. The guy who was bagging groceries until he made his way onto the NFL stage. Ok, whatever, I think it’s hypocritical, but there you go.

Then he says it’s too soon to start RG3. Does he even watch football anymore? How could anyone who’s watched the kid play for more than 10 seconds make that statement?

So here you go, Kurt. You, former superbowl winning quarterback Kurt Warner, are the first winner of the ImproperRedskin Rush Limbaugh award for outstanding achievement in the world of blowhards.

Congratulations, Kurt.


About ImproperRedskin

I grew up watching the Redskins with my dad. I feel I've always been a part of Redskins Nation. I'm so excited about the direction the team is taking now. I feel somewhat exiled in terms of the skins living in Boston, even though I know there are other fans here. That's pretty much why I started doing this, to touch base with other Redskins fans across the country. There's always something to talk about with the Redskins, isn't there? I want to hear your voice.
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