CBS football writer Pete Prisco ignores rules of civility concerning Rex Grossman

By Mark Pierce

You know Rex. Lovable, off-target Rex. He may not be much, but he’s ours by God. And it pisses me off when our guy is treated in such a dismissive way by the national press. This is the quote, in the context of discussing the Atlanta Falcon’s offense this year. It appeared on the CBSsports web site today.

Here’s Pete live on the scene

Ryan completed just 15 of his 60 passing attempts 20 yards or more down the field according to That Rex Grossman both took and completed more attempts down the field should tell you all you need to know.

Now, ostensibly this is a knock on Matt Ryan’s arm strength, but Rex is used as sort of the ugly baseline in this statement, and it kind of hurts, Pete. Just sayin.


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